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Chakra balancing

Works with the seven chakras in our body this treatment is profound. Assisting to regulate the stagnated energy due to blockages at various chakras. Blockages can be due to physical or emotional reasons. Each Chakra indicates physical, mental and emotional qualities. Blockage in any chakra can manifest in the form of imbalance physically and emotionally.

Working together energy is created by sound, touch & colour.

Sound is created by chanting specific Mantras, a word that has considerable meaning and when pronounced correctly creates vibrations in the universe.  Vibrations created by the chanting mix in the universe and impact on the client, creating balance in the body.

A unique mixture of ground gem stones, precious metal, herbs and ashes mixed with warm ghee is prepared and placed on the chakra positions on hands, feet & body, creating vibrations which help to remove stagnant and blocked energy.

Simultaneously the client and therapist will visualise particular colours that relate to specific charkas. The visualisation of these colours assists to focus the attention of client on that specific chakra therefore assisting to regulate energy flow to those specific areas.

After the massage you will feel relaxed, grounded, and more energetic, both physically and mentally.

A natural part of the treatment that some people experience is the release of certain emotions eg. grief, anger etc.  Analyse these emotions and try to work on them.  Rather than letting these emotions take over, the treatment allows the client to face these emotions from a stronger position and to work with them.

Chakra balancing is beneficial for everyone who wishes to gain balance of mind and body or has suffered in the past with stress, anxiety and/or emotional outbursts