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Transforming means to change for the better, to alter, to change to another energy, a dramatic change of appearance for the better.

Health means overall physical shape or condition, condition of the mind or body, vitality and vigour of oneself.dragonfly

The dragonfly, symbolizes transformation and change in the perception of self realization; change in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the greater meaning of life. Traditionally Dragonflies are associated with water as they live, grow and develop in water until they are ready to metamorphose out of the water into beautiful Dragonflies. The Dragonfly’s dashing flight across water signifies an action of going beyond what is happening on the surface and looking into the deeper aspects and implications of life. As a dragonfly only flies for a fraction of its life, it lives in the moment, leaving nothing for desire, getting the most out of life. Dragonflies have massive eyes with brilliant sight so they can see 360 degrees around and take every thing in.

When you live in the moment you are aware who you are, where you are, your situation, what you need and want therefore you can make informed choices for the better, living life without any regret.

Carrying no baggage or attachment you can live in peace with health and happiness.

Transformation and Self realisation from how the dragonfly uses its power to control its movement so elegantly.

Transforming and adaptation giving the dragonfly’s ability to fly and the way it is content on water, air and land.